83% of UK physical Outriders sales are on PlayStation

In England, the physical versions of Outriders sold 83% on PlayStation consoles.

According to data collected by GfK, 83% of physical Outriders sales in England were made on PlayStation the week of its launch.

PS5 represents 52% of units sold, PS4 31% and 17% are allocated to Xbox platforms. Figures that therefore do not take into account digital sales, nor, and above all, the fact that Outriders is available in Xbox Game Pass.

It would be interesting to be able to compare those numbers with the number of XGP players, but it’s a safe bet that the People Can Fly shooter also has its little budding Outriders base on Xbox.

As a reminder, the launch of Outriders was marked by several server problems. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles.


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