90% of COVID-19 fines not paid in Manitoba

As of April 8, 2020, a total of $ 162,975 had been raised for tickets issued in connection with a violation of public health regulations., indicates a representative of the ministry.

Although this amount represents a small percentage of the total amount of fines imposed, it is important to note that full implementation of the measures only began in November and work is underway to recover them.he continues.

The government does not indicate the number of tickets paid in its weekly news bulletins that list health violations. There is only a constantly increasing number of fines to be paid.

In Manitoba, refusing to wear a mask in a closed public place is punishable by a $ 298 fine, and fines for non-compliance with public health regulations are set at $ 1,296 for individuals, sole proprietors and partnerships, and $ 5,000 for corporations.

At the start of the pandemic, the government relied on warnings, and education campaigns were preferred over repression. The prime minister announced efforts to enforce stricter sanitary regulations only in the fall after several events, including an anti-mask demonstration in the city of Steinbach.

Collecting fines may take some time depending on the province. A $ 50 fine is added to unpaid tickets, and the province can use collection companies.

According to the Justice Department, the province can also prevent offenders who refuse to pay fines from renewing their driver’s license or vehicle documents.

The opposition to the NDP says that criminals can refuse to pay the fine for several reasons. Some people oppose tickets for ideological reasons, while others do not have enough money to pay.

New Democratic justice critic Nahanni Fontaine believes the province needs to improve its communication regarding health orders, which have changed regularly since the pandemic began.

Many do not understand what is allowed and what is prohibited., she said.

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