“99 flying saucer cases remain unexplained” – Sciences et Avenir

This article is taken from Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir #210 July/September 2022.

Vincent Costes is director of the Research and Information Group on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (Geipan).

Sciences et Avenir: How many flying saucers do we see today?

Vincent Costes: At Geipan, a group from the National Space Research Center (Cnes) responsible since 1977 for the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena (Pan), we receive about 700 reports a year, 500 of which are processed through an email exchange with a witness, because their explanation is simple. In addition, we conduct between 150 and 200 surveys per year. We treat any evidence of a “flying saucer”! But we do not use this term, nor the terms “little green men” or “UFOs”, even if they are not taboo. Our mission is to rationally explain all the oddities seen, perceived or experienced.

Who are the witnesses and what are the general explanations for the phenomena they observe?

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