A bezel-less Nokia smartphone, a super-powerful Xbox One X and an announced PS5?

Nokia, Microsoft and Sony lead the way in tech > To start the new week, let’s make way for three big names, namely Nokia, Microsoft and Sony. The program includes a new smartphone, unprecedented power and a new console.

Let’s start directly with Nokia, which will prepare a new smartphone; enough to return to the mobile scene, which Nokia has been somewhat neglected of late. With its return, Nokia intends to upset the surrounding space, as it will be a limitless Nokia, enough to play with the big players in this sector. Where Nokia is looking forward to is in the area of ​​innovation. Indeed, will one of the leaders in innovation manage to surprise competitors and consumers, in addition to offering a real difference compared to bezel-less smartphones that we can see? Answer soon, no doubt.

A bezel-less Nokia smartphone, a super-powerful Xbox One X and PS5 announced in 2018?

Another giant that makes you talk is Microsoft. While the Xbox One X has already been unveiled to the public, its release at the end of the year is long overdue. In the meantime, we note that many developers have mentioned the power of the Xbox One X, which, in their opinion, will be super powerful. Indeed, the latter would leave the PS4 Pro no chance of success as the Xbox One X would display more detail at a better resolution. What if, to counter this Xbox One X, Sony announces a PS5 for 2018? Indeed, this is one of the most persistent rumors in recent days, especially after the intervention of an insider; Tidux, very famous in the industry. The latter announces the PS5 presentation during E3 2018, then the release is scheduled for 2019.

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