A brave nurse lists the disastrous effects of the vaccine on the patients she treats

In collaboration with a pharmacy assistant, this courageous nurse made a list of all the serious complications that she observed in her patients. Our government may have silenced the word of caregivers for several months, all caregivers on the front line note that patients are much sicker from the injections than from the virus spread by our leaders.

He points out that in addition to areas, myocarditis, paralysis of the arm or hemiplegia of the face, edema of the lungs, worsening of respiratory problems, a young woman had to have a leg amputated. She compares administering this vaccine to gambling her life at Russian roulette with a pistol at the head of which we do not know before we pull the trigger whether we will be dead or simply on borrowed time.

It confirms what other caregivers have already observed and reported: all side effects are not reported at all to health and drug agencies. She testifies that the Covid death declarations were overestimated by including in the Covid fatality figures, all the others died from other diseases during the same period, which we already knew thanks to the testimonies of caregivers who did not comply. Silent more and who risk a lot both for their career and for their lives, but also thanks to the return of families who knew that their relatives had not died from the virus but from their incurable disease!

We have here all the ingredients of a heinous and diabolical plot on a large scale, even planetary, fomented by the shadow oligarchs and the wealthy financiers who behind the scenes of the governmental powers impose their Machiavellian plans on our leaders who carry them out without frowning. the frown. the life and health of the peoples!

It took several months for the caregivers, (but also the firefighters transporting the vaccinated in serious condition to the ER) who witnessed all these injuries added up during the months of vaccination finally freeing their consciousness in suffering, undermined and in failure. Censorship, threats, ultra-coercive muzzles and the abusive prohibition that our leaders make of speaking and dealing with drugs at their disposal to relieve their patients.

It also denounces the mind-blowing complaint by pharmacists against fellow physicians prescribing drugs suddenly banned by the one-choice health dictatorship imposed by force and duress. Pharmacists who defend pharmaceutical lobbies and mafia laboratories that have control over our health much more than the well-being and maintenance of the health of customers who buy drugs from them!

The truth is, these lobbyists have much more interest in making you sick and selling you the toxic antidotes they have patented, than in encouraging you to support your natural immunity with non-toxic, non-patentable substances that have been proven effective. . This also explains why these lobbyists are waging a ruthless war against aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and all treatment methods that are not harmful to human health and support natural immunity!

I invite you to listen to this video testimony of less than 9 minutes whose honesty and sincerity cannot be doubted, whatever the ayatollahs say about vaccines:

I have absolutely nothing against vaccines when they have proven their effectiveness over many years, and when their almost total safety is effective and proven, which is not the case at all with these Covid injections that have caused much more deaths and injuries. than the virus itself. !

I cannot interpret the government’s health strategy other than as a desire to deliberately harm the health and life of the French, by forcibly imposing on them and through heinous blackmail the unwanted inoculation of a substance that produces too many adverse effects and even deaths not to qualify. like a lethal injection. ! Do not wait to discover the real fatality and serious injury figures caused by these injections to finally realize that we are facing a true genocide in progress!

When a Nuremberg 2 type trial takes place for crimes against humanity, unfortunately many responsible, bloodthirsty and Machiavellian leaders will have sacrificed many lives! And all those who will have participated in these lies spreading their manipulative propaganda, proselytizing this murderous vaccine and keeping the omerta on the dead and wounded must also be condemned because they are also guilty because they are accomplices!

Article written on October 11, 2021 by Catherine Medioni

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