A Celebration of Excellence at Kolda AI: A Call from Godfather Moussa Balde (MESRI / PCD) to Parents of Students…

Celebration of Excellence Sponsor Moussa Balde (MESRI/PCD) of Kolda Academy (IA) 2022 encourages parents to take more care of their children’s studies. Thus, he believes that students must have decent behavior in order to excel in their studies. In doing so, the Sponsor, as President of the Department Council, will support the IA with its staff in supervising students at major national competitions. So, this year the theme of the party was “Management of educational institutions and improvement of academic performance: what strategies?”

The Celebration of Excellence took place this Saturday, January 14th at the ENO in Kolda. This is an opportunity taken by IA Kolda, Samba Diahate, to consider that this celebration of excellence is a powerful moment to remember how the education system works. It should be remembered that the choice of the godfather is not accidental, because he must serve as a model for children to succeed, given his school curriculum.

From Primary to Intermediate to Intermediate, students were awarded in all French subjects, including Mathematics, SP.

According to Ousmane Diakate, “This day of excellence is an important moment to remind us of the goals of the education system. Thus, these indicators are developing in a positive way in the region, moving from secondary education to higher education. Thus, in 2022, the commission fee will increase from 57% to 81%. Revenue will grow from 20.06% to 36% in 2022. And here it is necessary to make efforts to achieve the goals, in particular 50%. In the process, he elaborates: “We thank all partners, starting with sponsor Moussa Balde, for his commitment to education. But we also don’t forget Sheriff Leheib Aidara for his unwavering support of the community. we also thank the partners who support us in achieving the expected results…”

The godfather Moussa Balde, who he says increased the UVS model, which is sung almost everywhere in Africa. Thus, he clarifies that “UVS is a university like any other, not a university on the cheap. That is why I call on the responsibility of parents for the learning and success of their children. In other places, these are our academies. which provide human resources for the pursuit of development. Make no mistake, those who are awarded today will be leaders tomorrow.”

To this, he adds: “I think Macki Sallom’s increase in teachers’ salaries should encourage us to work harder. Education was our top priority as a campaign slogan.” Moreover, summing up the work of the departmental council, he emphasizes: “We have built more than 40 buildings at the department to participate in the reduction of temporary shelters. -education.

And the icing on the cake, he tells the audience: “I have decided, with the support of my staff, to invest in supporting our best students in the general competition. And with this support, we want our students to be well prepared for these great competitions.” And he recalls: “Studying in a temporary shelter is not a disadvantage, because I took the CE² in a temporary shelter and became the Minister of Higher Education … “

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