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If all goes well, humans should set foot on the Moon again in 2024. At least that’s the plan of NASA, which sees our satellite as a practice ground for the future conquest of Mars. And the astronauts who will settle on the Moon could very well be able to continue to send texts there!

The Finnish company Nokia, specializing in cellular telephony, has received a contract from NASA to develop and install a 4G-type cellular network on the Moon. The network will of course allow astronauts to communicate with each other from different places (not necessarily with a telephone, but with other devices in their suit), but also to transmit commands to different rovers in the field, to send high definition video in real time between different units, to know precisely their position …

When the astronauts of the Apollo missions set foot on lunar soil in the years 1969 to 1972, they could communicate with each other by radio waves, but it was impossible for them to transmit anything other than sound. Their 2024 counterparts will be able to exchange data, like you with your cell phone. Cat videos, maybe?

Nokia’s network will be installed from Earth to the surface of the Moon using a lunar rover at the end of 2022. The network will configure itself when it is installed. When they arrive on lunar soil, astronauts will be able to use an already fully functional wireless network.

Several other companies across Earth are currently signing contracts with NASA to develop all kinds of solutions, from systems for extracting oxygen from moon rock to devices for transferring liquid fuel between craft in a vacuum. space. All of this is part of an ambitious project to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon by 2030. The lunar bases of science fiction films are in the process of being realized. Will you go there for your ride?

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