A chess-playing robot shatters childhood dreams (and his finger, by the way)

A chess robot capable of playing three games at the same time broke a 7-year-old boy’s finger during the Moscow Chess Open, Russian news agency Baza reported. The latter posted a video of the incident on her Telegram channel, which shows that the boy has a broken bone, but he is fine.

According to Baza, the robot “squeezed” the child’s finger, but the video suggests more that it placed its “finger” or chess piece on the boy’s hand.

The child was able to finish the tournament in a cast, TASS reports. His parents nevertheless turned to the local prosecutor’s office with a statement, according to PC Gamer.

Most likely, the robot, which was playing several games at the same time, just got confused or tried to make a move at the wrong time. An unprecedented case, according to the president of the Moscow Chess Federation, Sergei Smagin.

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