A child of the country of the Flers, Alfama retired from being a professional video game player at 22.

Alphama, an esports player, will retire in July 2022. ©DR

In November 2020, L’Orne Combantante talked about her incredible rise. Only 22Leo Robin aka Alfama announces his retirement fromeSports (professional video game player) on social networks. The pandemic has something to do with this decision-making.

We will return to La Ferrière in February.

Leo professional player for three years in Rainbow Six: Siege. In 2021, he leaves with Fnatic (British esports club) to Asia, Taiwan, waiting for the opportunity to play in Japan. Membership in this club allows him to compete on international scene. “But it’s not easy being alone in another country in the midst of a pandemic. I felt like I was slipping, and I brought a lot back into the game, ”he admits.

FROM health crisis, the borders of Japan were closed, it was impossible to work there. The results of his year in Asia were rather mixed, but Japan has reopened its borders: a chance to find its own team. But the Omicron option appeared and Japan closed its borders.

My dream has collapsed.

Leo Robin

The future was uncertain. He has left his club in February 2022 and returned to his parents in La Ferrière-aux-Etanges (Orne).

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Certain unreliability

“I gained many moments of life and loved it even more,” he rejoices. Indeed, Leo Robin had a great professional experience that allowed him to travel and live your passion. He is the first European player to compete in the North American League and the Asia Pacific League, which qualify for the top teams in the game: Rainbow Six: Siege.

However, it has also faced a certain amount of insecurity in recent years.

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I was not well served, I lost my job twice due to the pandemic.

Leo Robin

Leo lost his job twice: once in United States with his eUnited team, and in Asia with Fnatic. Indeed, playing esports means having no protection. “We are almost all freelancers,” Leo continues. So if a club wants to get rid of a player for one reason or another, they can do it.


“However, the player sacrifices his personal life, he must be careful in everything: in his lifestyle, in his image,” explains the former player, “something must change to protect us.” After that, players can be out of work overnight. “I consider myself lucky because I didn’t drop out of school too early,” says Leo.

“I asked myself a lot of questions about my future. I came to the conclusion that I like adventure, projects, but I had less commitment to performance in order to become a better player,” explains Leo.

With his professional experience and previous research in communication-marketingLeo Robin had an idea.

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“The goal was not to leave the world of eSports, but to work there differently”

“I was interested in the role business, to shady deals that fuel the ecosystem,” explains Leo. Since July 2022, he has been working together with an international sports marketing agency, a specialized company in Paris. Leo Robin becomes Project Manager of Strategic Recommendations, which means he helps in the development of brands and their integration into the world of eSports.

This work allows him to stay in the environment that fascinates him, while becoming an actor who participates in its development, “mentalities are changing, people understand that this is not a small phenomenon,” he rejoices.

If it’s still hard for Leo Robin to play today video games for fun, he launched himself on the social network and commented on the competition of the game in which there was a pro, namely Rainbow Six: Siege. A way for him to stay close to his passion.

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