A Chinese rover discovers a strange ‘cube’ on the opposite side of the Moon

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The Chinese rover Yutu 2 has been studying the far side of the moon since the beginning of 2019. This is not the first time that the Chinese space agency has communicated about strange discoveries. She just posted a mysterious photo of a new shape: a “cube”, discovered on our natural satellite by the Chang’e 4 mission rover.

To take a closer look, the Chinese rover is now rolling toward this structure that could be a rock carved out by an asteroid impact, according to space journalist Andrew Jones.

The “cube” in question is located on the opposite side of the Moon, the one that never looks at our planet, in the lunar crater called Von Kármán, where the robot landed almost three years ago. During its 36th lunar day of the mission (nearly the 37th), the automated device detected the mysterious shape about 80 meters to the north.

Mysterious house

It is clear that the object, already christened “Mystery House” by the Chinese space agency, only represents a few pixels in the photo … Which means that the true nature of the object should appear as the rover approaches it. , at the risk of disappointment.

The cube discovered by Yutu 2 on the other side of the Moon. © CNSA

Yutu 2 will thus dedicate the next 2 to 3 lunar days to get closer to the mysterious shape to study it. As a reminder, each lunar day is approximately 29 Earth days long, so the results will be released in 2-3 months. On paper, it seems like a long time to go such a short distance.

In reality, the solar-powered rover must “hibernate” during the intense cold of the lunar night (lasting approximately the equivalent of 15 Earth days), where it is without power. It should also stop when the sun is directly on it because there is a risk of overheating. Additionally, Yutu 2 must move slowly to avoid slipping in a crater or hitting rocks, constituents of the lunar terrain.

A rock carved out by the impact of an asteroid?

In the past, the Chinese rover has already discovered foreign substances. In 2019, Chinese scientists detected a “gel” material in a crater on the opposite side of the Moon. In fact, it was a rock, probably formed during a meteorite impact. In February 2021, another rock of unusual shape was seen on our natural satellite, but the Chinese space agency has not released more information about it.

According to popular culture, there could be primitive alien life on the Moon. Of course, no such artifact has yet been found and this new discovery is no exception, according to Andrew Jones. The hypothesis that he envisions to explain this shape is rather that of an excavation of large rocks, caused by an impact -probably from an asteroid-, as has already been observed by the Chang’e 3 mission.

Originally scheduled for a 3-month mission, Yutu 2 has traveled approximately 900 meters since reaching the other side of the Moon in January 2019.

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