A collection of over 2200 game consoles for sale on eBay.

This collection of game consoles is quite unique, with over 2,200 consoles for nearly a million euros. 50 years of video game history.

On eBay right now you can find an offer that will make most game console collectors salivate. Someone from France does indeed sell over 2200 consoles and they are all unique (special editions, special colors, etc.). The price charged for this (large) piece of video game history? 984,000 euros. Almost a million euros!

This collection of game consoles is absolutely exceptional.

The seller, alias Kaori30, explains that his collection spans 50 years of video game history. There are even special editions of very rare consoles that were only offered through competitions. In addition to consoles, this collection also includes several hundred video games, action figures, and other derivative products.

More than 2200 consoles worth almost a million euros

Kaori30 started this collection in the early 1990s but was forced to sell everything after a few years. He then resumed his collection before stopping in 2011 due to lack of time and the fact that it was very difficult to find the missing pieces. After a visit to Japan in 2018, passion returned, Kaori30 “fell into the trap again” and was able to return almost everything sold and even purchase several new consoles.

50 years of video game history

The collector estimates that there are about 200-300 items that are not found anywhere else, which makes this collection quite unique. The exact listing includes many, maybe all, Nintendo products, including at least 20 variants of the Nintendo 64. In any case, Kaori30, which has 100% positive reviews on eBay, promises that this collection has “everything”, including consoles Sega and Neo Geo. The photos offered by the seller show that there are many other consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox and TurboGrafx, and even Ouya. Some older videos allow you to get a more accurate idea of ​​the content.

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