A critic of tech giants named by Joe Biden

(Photo: Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden has placed a new pawn in his fight against anti-competitive practices by announcing on Tuesday his intention to appoint a lawyer known for his actions against tech giants, Jonathan Kanter, at the Justice Department.

If confirmed by the Senate, this lawyer will head the division responsible for antitrust prosecutions there.

“Throughout his career, Mr. Kanter has been a leading advocate and expert in efforts to promote strong and meaningful policies against monopolies and in favor of competition,” the White House noted in a statement.

Currently associated with Kanter Law Group, which describes itself as a “small competition law firm”, he also worked as a lawyer in the competition office at the US Competition Agency (FTC).

Mr. Kanter has represented plaintiffs in cases accusing Google and Apple of practices aimed at crushing competition.

Monopoly issues have long been on the agenda of the tenant of the White House.

He appointed lawyer Lina Khan, a famous slayer of the Gafa (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), as head of the FTC, and Tim Wu, a defender of strict anti-monopoly laws, to the prestigious National Economic Council (NEC).

Joe Biden also recently presented a wide range of measures aimed at tackling anti-competitive practices affecting consumers and employees alike, ranging from increased surveillance of Silicon Valley giants to the end of non-competition clauses in contracts.

The American authorities are currently raising their voice against the Gafa.

Several lawsuits have been launched for abuse of dominant positions while a parliamentary committee approved in June several bills seeking, among other things, to prohibit the giants of technology from acquiring competitors to preserve their grip on their market.


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