A female character as the main character on GTA 6?

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Perhaps one of the most anticipated games in history, GTA VI is at the heart of many rumors. The latest is that a female character would be a main character in the game.

More than seven years after release by GTA V on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the game is still popular and many players still have fun on the game of Rockstar. Now on all consoles including Playstation 5 and Xbox series, players start looking for all possible information about the arrival of the next opus, GTA VI.

The latest comes from Tom henderson, better known under the psuedo LongSensation sure Youtube, and who is very often well informed about different licenses. He announces in a tweet that one of the main characters of the game would be a woman.

It took no less for ignite the web and start many debates. This is obviously a rumor to be taken with a grain of salt but it could lead to unprecedented game dynamics with the possibility to switch between a man and a woman in the story mode.

To know if what announces Tom henderson is true, we will certainly have to wait for long months or even years since Yann2295, reputed to give accurate information, revealed that GTA VI was not coming anytime soon. He adds that the game is still in development while many sources are associated to say that we will not see no new GTA opus before 2023. You must therefore take your troubles patiently and in the meantime, check if Rockstar does not leave clues in its updates.


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