A few tips for insurance when riding a 125cc motorcycle.

Some people have a particular fondness for old motorcycles, to the point of collecting them. These two-wheeled vehicles from another era often do not comply with current regulations. Among the latter is motorcycle collection insurance. This is a rule that every scooter rider must respect his own protection and the protection of third parties. For these types of two-wheelers, insurance is a guarantee of good driving. What category of rights to a collectible car and what are the features of training? Read more in this article.

Vintage motorcycle license category

The categories of driving license depend on the type of motorcycle used. However, reforms in this sector are aimed at standardizing the rules and permits for driving. Thus, any young motorcycle collector should have a category A license. This position will further strengthen their training. Whether it’s simple two-wheelers or large cars, this rule applies to everyone. However, driving a vintage motorcycle may be permitted with other types of licenses.

Other types of permits

Among the collectible motorcycles is the 125CC model. This motorcycle is characterized by a power of 11 kW, a displacement of 125 and a power-to-weight ratio of 0.1 kW. Such characteristics correspond to a category A1 driver’s license. In addition to the latter, other permits are accepted, such as a circulation license issued prior to January 1958, and an equivalent category B permit. A 7-hour training course is required for this formula, which is mainly for scooter riders. It represents a guarantee of mastery and adaptation.

Learning Features

A refresher course for any young vintage motorcycle rider must meet several conditions. Among them are the price to be paid, the different stages and the importance of motorcycle insurance.

Tuition fee

Training for advanced training at a price for all candidates. To find out, you need to get closer to the driving school and ask for a quote. The latter will take into account the various stages of learning. You can also contact various support centers to compare prices.

Various stages of learning

For any driver of a vintage two-wheeled motorcycle, the training will last 7 hours. It is divided into theoretical courses, simulations and outstanding practice. In this last stage, which will last 3 hours, you will learn how to avoid an accident and how to keep your scooter with the help of a car. Balance, gear ratios, braking and various controls are many things you will learn.

The Importance of Motorcycle Insurance for Collectors

One of the main things that every driver of a vehicle should know is the need to purchase motorcycle insurance. Firstly, an accident involving a third party does not hurt. Then checks on the roads can be sudden. In the latter case, you face a fine of at least 135 euros. Finally, you can choose the insurance plan that suits you. This is an effective way to protect yourself and your motorcycle.

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