A Final Fantasy game released 20 years ago will rise from its ashes

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French studio Cyber ​​Group Studios is leading the project with Square Enix to revive a game loved by fans.

A PlayStation 1 game brought up to date

The Final Fantasy saga is one of the cult licenses in video game history. While Final Fantasy XVI is eagerly awaited by fans, and Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has been talked about during E3, it is another opus that is at the heart of the news. Except that this one is over 20 years old. The media Kidscreen reports that the French studio Cyber ​​Group Studios, supported by Square Enix – creator of the license – is leading an animated series adaptation project for Final Fantasy IX.

The Final Fantasy IX series will be aimed at ages 8-13

20 years later, Final Fantasy IX will therefore make a comeback. Without surfing the wave of remakes, but by offering an animated adaptation of the game released on PlayStation 1. The president of Cyber ​​Group Studios, Pierre Sissman, indicates that a presentation to broadcasters is planned in the coming months. He adds that the goal is to start production at the end of the year or early 2022. The number of episodes and their duration have not yet been announced. The target of the Final Fantasy 9 animated series will be 8-13 year olds. An audience that the studio knows very well thanks to the many cartoons it has already produced such as Mini Ninjas or the Chronicles of Zorro.

Cyber ​​Group Studios will have the difficult task of living up to a game loved by the public. Final Fantasy IX, released on PlayStation first of the name in 2001 (console which is still talking about it), has sold almost 6 million copies worldwide. The series should nevertheless delight fans and neophytes alike.

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