A former soldier files a complaint against Jean Castex and Olivier Veran to condemn the health pass.

Olivier Veran and Jean Castex were the subject of a complaint from a former soldier living in Cherbourg (Manche). (© AFP / Archives / Alain ZHOKAR)

IN a complaint was deposited at the beginning of the week by a resident Cherbourg (Cope with), Philip A., 70, retired senior health officer.

The latter took the advice of a lawyer to file a complaint and hired a lawyer.

“Apolitical” will

The complaint was addressed to François Molins, Attorney General of the Court of Cassation, and Remy Heitz, Attorney General of the Paris Court, for referral to the Court of the Republic against Jean Castex, Prime Minister and Olivier Veran, Minister of Health.

According to the applicant, the opening of this procedure is part of an “apolitical” desire to remind that “the real France is a rule-of-law state, not a city of fear, where political convulsions are replaced by panic, seeking to set the French against each other. looking for scapegoats to make people forget about the shortcomings of their past leadership, especially in terms of health. “

“No access”

Philip A. points to the upcoming implementation of the health pass.

I am unable to provide a medical passport for an injection that has not been proven compatible with my condition, or if there is a persistent impediment to my movement that is subject to outdated and scientifically challenged tests. Therefore, I consider myself in a discriminatory manner denied access for health reasons to restaurants, bars, cafes and terraces, consultations and hospital services, cultural concert venues, libraries, cinemas, theaters and parts of shopping centers. I see myself in a discriminatory way deprived of family travel around the area due to lack of access to public services (trains, planes, buses).

Philipextract from his complaint

“Dictatorship of Obligations”

In his complaint, he refers to several violations and abuses of human rights: freedom and equality, access to work, health care and recreation, as well as culture, equal access to health care and prevention, protection of medical confidentiality through the obligation to disclose information to those who do not have access to it. permissions. get it …

I consider myself in a discriminatory way forced to answer and justify my state of health to individuals or legal entities who do not hold public office and are not officially authorized to access my medical data, the applicant explains (…) I suffer on behalf of Freedom, the dictatorship of obligations, in the name of Equality, apartheid of health and in the name of Brotherhood, social degradation lost in the boxes of distancing.

Philipextract from his complaint

He also noted the shortcomings of state management of the crisis.

“Today, it is necessary to calmly return the control and resources of crisis management to practicing scientists and doctors, while giving the medical staff in the field the freedom to treat and care at their best. The trust that their patients have always shown them,” explains the Cherbourg resident.

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