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Chloée-Mitsou Fortin, also known under the pseudonym chloee_fitgamer, is a streamer professional. Since July 5, the 32-year-old Georgian has decided to make useful her profession and her popularity on the Internet for a good cause by organizing her “Sub-a-Tethon” on the Twitch platform.

A subathon is a live web-based event that takes place 24 hours a day. People pay for a streamer continue to broadcast live. They have the choice between subscribing to his channel or donating money for a cause. “I debuted on July 5th and I thought I would conclude it on July 12th, but people are so generous that I’m still online,” said Chloée-Mitsou Fortin live on July 14th.

As part of her event, the Georgienne decided to donate the funds obtained to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. She will donate a dollar for each subscription or 500 bits obtained.

Let us add that at the end of the event, the streamer will have a PlayStation 5 drawn among its subscribers in addition to selling signed posters at a cost of $ 50 each and a sum of $ 10 per poster will go to the foundation.

Initially, her ambition was to raise $ 3,000 in one week. As of July 19, the Georgian had raised $ 8,600 for the foundation and had more than 24 hours left before her event ended.

Upcoming projects

For next year, chloee_fitgamer says it’s already ready to do another subathon. This time, she would like to raise funds for Leucan. “The idea of ​​having my hair shaved live, if I raise a certain amount, is already in the plans for next year,” says the Georgian.

In the coming months, chloee_fitgamer says she has several projects on the table for her Twitch subscribers. Among other things, she plans to meet her audience. “I plan to go across Quebec to meet my subscribers. I would also like to organize a trip to the South for those who wish to accompany me, ”she admits.

A streamer by profession

For a year and a half now, Chloée-Mitsou Fortin has been working full time as streamer. During its live broadcasts, it offers a wide variety of content seven days a week, ranging from gaming, during training periods and until the presentation of interviews.

“I chose this job because I can do what I want by bringing everything together on the same platform [Twitch] », She specifies.

This passion for creating web content began at the start of the pandemic for Chloée-Mitsou Fortin. She started it all at home with the materials she was able to get hold of. “At the start of confinement, I started this on the side by getting a microphone and a camera and playing live games, ”says Ms. Fortin.

It is possible to follow Chloée-Mitsou Fortin’s activities on her Twitch account in the name of chloee_fitgamer or on her Facebook page.

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