A leak reveals the PS5 PRO controller!

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Sony continues to work in the shadows, and if the world of video games is currently fixed on the PS5 and its endless shortage, the Japanese company is thinking ahead. A newly discovered patent also provides information on technologies ready to be loaded into the next controller!

PS5 Pro – Controller Revealed Through Patent

If you doubt the veracity of this type of information, remember that many patents registered at the time of the Playstation 5 provided information about the innovations we saw in the console.

So when the company files a patent for a controller that takes 80% of DualSense, but when changing important elements, you must listen! On the latest patent discovered by the community, we can see that Sony has delved into the subject of haptic feedback.

On the PS5 controller, this feedback refers to vibrations and triggers. On the PS5 Pro controller, they will refer to more sensations and the triggers will gain in touch. An example: in Gran Turismo 7, driving uphill will give resistance to the triggers and you will have to press harder. The dive will only be enhanced!


PS5 Pro controllers: towards pallets in the back?

Other older patents should be viewed with caution. Indeed, Sony has already used these technologies since they are those of adding pallets behind, adding 2 to 4 configurable buttons. However, the insider details that the sales would not be great. It’s so hard to know if the next Playstation 5 Pro controller will reuse them!

A final patent shows a simple, transparent and transparent controller, revealing its components … which exists on PS4 with the ‘Crystal’ controller!

Anyway, there is no doubt that Sony is actively working on its next console and the first information promises a lot.

As for the release date, don’t panic as Sony has 2023 at the earliest! Until then, everything is set to change and the very announcement of the Pro console could be postponed until the late 2020s …

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