A lighter municipal council

As a preamble, during the first municipal council of the year, Roland Combettes presented his wishes to the councilors and specified that, given the current situation, the usual ceremony of the vows will not take place. The presentation of the vows will be made by mail left in letter boxes to all citizens. Then, the mayor addressed several issues, two of which required the advice of councilors to allow the community to finalize the projects in progress.

Enedis. This company is asking the municipality for permission to run a cable and fix it on the facade of the reception center to supply electricity to the newly rehabilitated apartments. Credit opening. It is an accounting operation which allows the community to finance purchases before the vote of the next budget. The canteen had a problem with a food processor. She must buy a new robot for an amount of 1 442 euros.

After deliberation, the eight advisers present gave their agreement for these two files.

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