A look at design trends

Graphics and design are like fashion. It evolves and changes from year to year; or even more often than that. At the end of September, Venngage took an interest in the visual codes of tomorrow in marketing and, with the help of an infographic, the company highlights the trends of tomorrow.

And tomorrow is 2022! After international movements like Black Lives Matter, the health crisis, political upheavals and new habits on the Web, design has also undergone a rapid transformation in recent months. It seems that eight trends are emerging that should interest brands to update their marketing campaigns.

First observation, “inclusive” charts are being developed. Communication reaches a growing audience and the chosen models, actors or icons are no longer consistently healthy white men. Minorities are increasingly integrated into promotional images and brands are genuinely committed to going beyond mere display advertising.

Second trend announced: new ways to visualize data. With more and more data, it is necessary to make the information disseminated more attractive or even fun. Today’s consumers are more comfortable with charts and other diagrams, so it’s time to go a step further and apply a more “fun” design to keep in touch with your audience.

Third observation: the gradual use of a more daring background. Now is the time to experiment and change to differentiate yourself from the competition, to attract attention; and this will be felt in the design of tomorrow. Which logically brings us to the next point: the arrival of colorful icons and illustrations. Infographics have been playing around with these graphical codes for years, but it’s marketing’s turn to begin.

In contrast to all this, 2022 could be the year of the return of serif typefaces. You know those old-school serif typos! Is it because we found them on social media or just out of nostalgia? Still, the typeface of the ads could change somewhat in the coming months …

The sixth trend detected by Venngage is the democratization of memes in the marketing community. A kind of universal humorous language used by many Internet users, memes and their virality have been gaining ground in communication. Brands are exploiting them and will exploit them more and more to effectively reach their customers and gain engagement.

Penultimate point: the return of prices. There was a time when social media was awash with inspirational quotes, but we’re not talking about that here. What the experts hope to see in 2022 is more like an excerpt, to give an overview of the article they will consult, the podcast they will listen to, or the video they are preparing to watch.

Finally, the last forecast, the use of visuals extracted from social networks outside of them. On the pages of a site, a blog, in newsletters, we will see more and more content imported directly from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok … In the past, social networks have been used to generate traffic to branded sites. However, today, they can be fully used for converting thanks to their built-in e-commerce tools.

As a summary, here is the infographic signed by Venngage:

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