A major Windows 11 update will make PC gamers very happy

Windows 11’s first major update has just been released, bringing some great features for PC gamers, including the Control Panel, as well as various graphics tweaks.

Let’s start with the control panel, a more than welcome addition for gamers using a controller. They can now bring up the Xbox Game Bar with a single press of the Xbox button (if you’re using a Microsoft controller). And through it, you get direct access to newly installed games, as well as launch them faster.

When it comes to graphics optimization, the addition of a new HDR calibration app via the Windows 11 2022 update is a big step forward, which, as you can guess, is for those with HDR screens. The tool lets you fine-tune color accuracy and make sure bright areas don’t dazzle and black levels don’t get too opaque.

More good news for those with a compatible monitor: Auto HDR, which boosts brightness and color gamut to mimic HDR in games, is now available for more games.

This update also allows Windows 11 to improve DirectStorage support on more drive configurations (RAID 0 is now supported).

Finally, for those who run their games in windowed mode rather than fullscreen, Microsoft has adapted Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for games in windowed mode (these features were previously only available in windowed, fullscreen mode) . In addition, DX10 and DX11 games should have “significantly reduced” display latency when running in windowed mode after the Windows 11 update.

Convenient but limited upgrades

Thus, the new Windows 11 contains some serious optimizations, which in some cases will improve the quality of the game.

It’s good that there’s extensive Auto HDR support, and the HDR calibration tool proves to be a boon as well. Those with an HDR monitor, like windowed gamers, are getting a lot of attention here from Microsoft. The rest will still be able to benefit from better fluidity while playing.

The control panel is something we welcomed when it first appeared in May of this year, when it was still proving to be quite buggy. Therefore, we hope that all these problems have been resolved, although, as we know from experience, it is not uncommon for problems to persist during the first weeks of a Windows update, and on an important day. Fingers crossed that the slightest anomaly remains light and untimely.

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