A massive update is coming to DragonRide VR

From TypeEh Studios is an exciting action adventure DragonRideVR. Players who want a unique VR experience can put on their VR headset and cross the sky on the back of a dragon. This title just released a massive update to the expanding player options players have on the back of a huge celestial beast.

The title is available on Steam with a future version planned for Playstation Vr, and the update adds a brand new “RhythmRide” mode. Based on the name, the game takes inspiration from rhythm games and adds a musical experience to the action adventure.

DragonRide VR puts you on the back of a dragon as you ride in an unforgettable fantasy experience. Play multiple mini-games, explore stunning magical worlds, and fly on your own dragon. Players can choose from a variety of preset options or play in the all new rhythm mode.

Adventures are preset for players to sit back and enjoy the ride. There are different modes to choose from including flying, walking, swimming, and diving depending on the adventure players want to pursue.

The new Rhythm Ride game mode features 25 craft songs with multiple difficulty levels to choose from. Players can compete against each other in a global leaderboard, going through different types of courses and base points. It’s a great way to practice and the game supports custom songs.

Alternative modes include free flight, target shooting, egg hunt, balloon hunt, and more. The developers continue to post continuous updates regarding this unique experience, and fans can continue to provide suggestions to the development team.

The only major feature of this game is its amazing panoramic views. Set in a fantastic setting, the title is designed to take virtual reality players to another world. A world with dragons, magic and adventures of their own design.

Although some aspects of this game make it obsolete, for VR gamers it is an immersive experience. Players can find more information regarding this title on their Steam page and social media channels.

Players of all ages will appreciate the unique immersion found in this title. The game is suitable for everyone and works on HTC Vive, Valve System, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

DragonRideVR is available through Steam for just € 9.99 and comes with every update included. The developers seem not to release DLC for this title, and instead move to actively improve the already existing game file.

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