A new giveaway for XRP holders participating in the Spark Distribution (FLR).

The July 21st article explained that if you own XRP and participate in Spark Airdrop (FLR) last December? You are entitled to the new version Songbird Token (SGB)… We will then explain how it works.

Flare is planning a new airdrop for XRP holders.

Last December Flare project took ” snapshot “ the network Ripples to send out their own FLR token to XRP holders. Cryptocurrencies were distributed in a 1: 1 ratio on compatible exchanges. Besides XRP, it will support three more cryptoassets.

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The architecture created by the Flare project allows the use of smart contracts on the Ripple network. The company announced this week launch of a new cryptocurrency: Songbird (SGB)… The latter will be available online. “Canary” by Flare

The usefulness of Sonbird.

Unlike the classic test network, the canary network is used. check the functionality of the blockchain with a token whose stocks are fixed, Flare said. Through this functionality, the token can add value and attract attackers. This allows the network to test its performance under near-real-world conditions.

Consequently, Songbird can support launch of Flare. Once the latter is put into service, the Songbird will continue to exist and become long term testnet for changes in project management or any other major modifications.

Indeed, Flare Finance connects not only these chains, but also communities and ecosystems. In mid-June, he announced a partnership with the XinFin Network, which could be one of the most important developments in the crypto space in 2021.

The Songbird airdrop: how to get involved?

Participate in Airdrop of Songbird (SGB)you must have participated in Airdrop FLR was held earlier this year. The allocation will be based on the same snapshot taken last December. For each XRP spent, the recipient will receive 0.1511 SGB… Initial delivery set at 15 billion tokens

There are two ways to get these tokens. Flare explained that:

“If you requested a FLR with the self-store option, you would use the same address, but with a different ID, to access Songbird. If you have requested a FLR with an exchange, the latter will receive an SGB for you. “

Note that users of the exchange must request the distribution of tokens at their addresses.

Songbird: The most important of the test tokens.

Flare ends with a warning, explaining that Sgb songbird it is always a token intended primarily for testing:

“Songbird should not be viewed as a production-ready net. […] The Flare team makes no promises regarding long term development and technical support for Songbird. “

CEO and founder Hugo Filon confirmed in an article that the project is slated to launch in September 2021 and the team is now planning to launch Songbird for security testing and experimentation. Songbird is essential for testing network architecture and core systems, especially Tim systems, according to the team.

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