A new Mass Effect-inspired RPG has been leaked online and will be the next PlayStation exclusive.

The first gameplay footage of this new PlayStation RPG has been leaked online.

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Sony is preparing new exclusives for PS5 and PS6

What does Sony have in store for us in the coming years? While Elden Ring has overshadowed PlayStation exclusives, 2022 ended on a high note with the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarök, which narrowly missed out on the prestigious “GOTY” title that previously included Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles. Morales, who caused a stir.

A new page is opening with 2023, and eyes are already on the next releases, which are likely to heavily mark the history of the PS5, which Sony says is officially out of stock. But while players wait for Forspoken, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2… Sony is already working on a brand new license that will be one of the next console exclusives and maybe even PS6.

A new RPG inspired by Mass Effect?

According to a leak from the IconEra forum, Sony is developing a new role-playing game, and gameplay footage has even been released. When viewed from a third person, we see a kind of space soldier, standing face to face with a giant creature.

Developed by XDev, the Little Big Planet studio or Wipeout Omega, the project has yet to be formalized by PlayStation. Here is the first information we have, but which should be taken with a grain of salt:

  • The game is an RPG set in a sci-fi universe similar to Mass Effect.
  • The game will be developed on Unreal Engine 5.
  • Gameplay footage taken from a very early development release
  • The PlayStation game will be developed in collaboration with XDev.

Moreover, apart from the fact that the project has nothing official yet, it is worth remembering that the first images you see are NOT from the final version of the game, but from an early release in development, but from the past months or years.

According to insider Dusk Golem, the game will now be at a much more advanced stage, including, among other things, already recorded voices and music specially written for the game, whose name we do not yet know. Should we expect an announcement soon?

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