A new PC in just a few clicks

Are you planning to renew your PC fleet or update your work tool? If you have already started to survey the market, you may have been put off by the incredible variety of models and configurations available … When you know the importance of a workstation’s grip with the precise needs of your employees, we can see how difficult this choice can be: do your R&D teams need power? Your administrative department of stable and efficient machines? Are your sales people for light tools offering great autonomy? As we know, “one size does not fit all”, and you will undoubtedly have to mix the configurations, without multiplying the brands and models so as not to complicate the management of your future fleet. However, it is not necessarily necessary to call on an integrator or a consulting company: to support executives and IT managers in this crucial selection phase, LDLC pro has developed a tool to help the decision specially designed to help you define the – or the – suitable configurations!

Hundreds of references

“For a decision-maker in charge of renewing a fleet of PCs, the time to choose cannot be reduced to a bet,” notes Jérémy Sandrin, pre-sales sales representative at LDLC Pro. To meet the needs of the field, manufacturers have made enormous efforts, and the number of potential models is considerable today, in particular on the most common configurations. Our ambition is to help them, through a simple and fun interface, to restrict their choice to a selection of the most relevant models with regard to their activity. “

, takes the form of a 6-point questionnaire, which allows decision-makers to perform a business-oriented sorting among the hundreds of references offered by LDLC Pro. Do your employees need a large format PC? For missions combining office automation and advanced creation? Are they required to store a large volume of data? In just a few clicks, draw a “robotic portrait” of your users and access a tailor-made selection of workstations perfectly suited to their daily needs. The result is a precious saving of time and the guarantee of offering your teams tools capable of allowing them to give the best of themselves.

End-to-end support

“The last few months have been a real challenge for IT teams, adds Jérémy Sandrin: to support changing needs, implement an effective teleworking policy or welcome new profiles, many CIOs have had to rethink their PC fleets. . And this is even more complex for VSEs and SMEs which do not always have dedicated skills internally. We therefore imagined an extremely simple tool to understand, capable of easily translating business needs into concrete solutions. “

Do you have particular needs ? Select specific accessories like a docking station, USB-C power supply or even a convertible chassis to be redirected to suitable terminals. The icing on the cake, a budget selector allows you to restrict the choice to machines corresponding to your specifications, and to access financing solutions. And if a last doubt remains, the LDLC Pro pre-sales teams can be contacted at any time to help you take the plunge!

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