A new security flaw in Google Chrome has been discovered and fixed

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This is the eighth this year. Google has just released a fix for a serious security vulnerability found in the Google Chrome browser. In a blog post, the Internet giant advises all Internet users using the browser to upgrade to version 107.0.5304.121/122 as soon as possible.

Currently used disadvantage

Indeed, in previous versions of the browser, attackers exploited the vulnerability. In an effort not to give too many clues to those who would like to play hackers without faith or law, Google is content to explain that the flaw concerns a “heap overflow” technique that allows an attacker on the system to “overflow” normally allocated memory. in Google Chrome to then execute code on normally protected parts.

Thus, the vulnerability allows a third-party user to arbitrarily execute code on a highly privileged machine. This type of error is usually exploited by highly experienced people for targeted attacks, but it is still recommended to update your machine as soon as possible to avoid any risk. The bug has been identified as CVE-2022-4135.

To update your browser on Windows, macOS, or Linux, simply go to settings (the three vertical dots in the top right corner), then click About Chrome. If the update has not yet been applied, it should be downloaded and installed immediately, and all you have to do is restart the program to protect it.

The discovery of a new security hole, even “heavy exploited” as Google says, doesn’t mean that Chrome is a particularly insecure browser. It only means that the program is very carefully checked for the slightest errors. As evidence, this vulnerability was discovered by a member of the Google bug team.

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