A new sport joins the EA Sports family

Business news A new sport joins the EA Sports family

EA Sports, the Electronic Arts subsidiary reserved for sports simulations, already has a good number of games, offering a variety of sports to its fans. In a period of expansion, EA Sports announces a new acquisition: Metalhead Software.

Currently, EA Sports owns licensed games in seven different sports, since discontinuing its basketball franchise after NBA Live 19: soccer with FIFA, ice Hockey with NHL, Football with Madden NFL, Mma with EA Sports UFC, college american football with EA Sports College Football since announcing the return of the franchise, just like the EA Sports PGA Tour which returns to highlight the golf, and finally the Formula 1 with the purchase of Codemasters and the next episode of the F1 series. From now on, EA Sports will also have a baseball game, thanks to the acquisition of Metalhead Software, a Canadian studio that released Super Mega Baseball 3 a year ago.

While EA Sports regularly finds itself in competition with 2K Sports on its sports simulations, it is Sony and his MLB The Show who will be their main rival this time. Super Mega Baseball offers a simulation driven gameplay mixed with a rather arcade style, in a clearly cartoony artistic direction, and without official licenses. The game has for him a very polished gameplay, varied and rich game modes, and now a very powerful editor behind it. Super Mega Baseball 3 had been very well received by a majority of the press and players. We’ll see if Metalhead Software will always be the master of his project after this acquisition. As a reminder, EA Sports had been controversial by standardizing the prices of F1 2020 in all countries after the buyout of the franchise, while Codemasters previously adapted it to the purchasing power of players in each country.

We are all Super Mega Baseball players and have long admired the work of the Metalhead team. It’s a unique franchise loved by sports game players – the balance and depth of the gameplay, as well as the unique styling make it great fun to play with friends. We look forward to supporting and investing in the team so that they can continue to create other amazing games that will delight sports fans around the world. (…) EA Sports continues to grow and we’re excited to create more unique and interactive experiences that blur the lines between sport and entertainment.

Cam Weber, Vice President and General Manager ofEA Sports.

Our team has worked hard over the years to refine a formula that uniquely combines an arcade style with deep gameplay on the pitch, and innovative cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences. (…) In this next chapter, we are excited to leverage the power and reach of EA to deliver our titles to a wider audience and to take ambitious next steps in the development of our future titles.

Scott Drader, co-founder of Metalhead Software.

Electronic Arts will soon publish its annual results, which could provide more detailed information on the conditions – particularly financial – of the buyout of Metalhead Software.

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