A new videoconferencing platform for Scaleway

After making access to its Ensemble Jitsi videoconferencing solution free when launching the containment measures decreed by the government in early March, Scaleway is now tackling consumer videoconferencing with Ensemble BigBlueButton.

The cloud computing branch of Iliad, the parent company of the operator Free, indeed announced on Tuesday that this solution, based on the free software BigBlueButton and based on the cloud from Scaleway, Element, will be accessible to all up to at the end of next July. What allow interested users to offer a made in France alternative to Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.

For Scaleway’s management, it is above all a question of “allowing the continuity of distance services which are today proving to be both crucial and colossal”, in particular as regards training, which constitutes the strong point of this new solution.

A set of educational tools

Available under open source license and requiring no additional installation on OS such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS, this platform, which only includes a limit of 30 participants, indeed offers a large number of tools that could satisfy the training needs of its users. It notably includes collaborative functionalities such as a whiteboard, a note-taking system, a slide reader or a request to speak by the participants of the show.

“The needs generated by the crisis evolving daily, the continuity
 distance education and training at the end of the year
appears to be one of the priority challenges to be met today. In
the case, some distance courses require tools with
different subtleties to be effective, and it turns out that this
a variety of tools exist in open source, “explained Yann Lechelle, CEO of Scaleway, to present this new solution, installed directly on the BareMetal servers of the Cloud computing subsidiary of Iliad.

As a reminder, Scaleway has a fleet of five data centers, four of which are located in France and one located in the Netherlands. The company, which claims professional customers in more than 150 countries, counts in France customers like Leboncoin, Private sales, Safran or the group Le Monde.



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