A photo to understand the incredible privilege granted to Tesla

We have to organize several meetings with American automakers. Elon Musk’s commitment to the electric car and his many successes are giving the top-valued manufacturer in the stock market exclusive privileges.


Tesla has reached an agreement with the state of Nuevo Leon to create its own lane on the US-Mexico border, which should help the company and its suppliers cross the border faster.

You know that Tesla does not advertise. But don’t all advertisers dream of having their brand on the highway? That’s what’s incredible here. The region is home to over 5 million people traveling on this route.

Why such a privilege?

This is, of course, a political decision. The question was asked by Bloomberg to Nuevo León’s Minister of Economy, Ivan Rivas, and here is his response: “It was just incitement. We need a much faster and more efficient playthrough. And perhaps in the future there will be a path for other companies, like Tesla. »

In the United States, as elsewhere, one of the functions of public authorities is to provide energy to their territories. There are all sorts of incentives, the most famous of which is tax exemption for a certain period of time.

Contact other manufacturers to get something similar!

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