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The last two years have made us thirsty: due to the Covi-19 epidemic, the Pint of Science science festival has moved online. But 2022 marks a return to the roots: organizing a “real life” meeting of researchers and the public to “demystify scientific research” and “discover it in a relaxed atmosphere”, that is, in bars! In France, the event takes place in at least 34 cities, and a list of them can be found on the Pint of science website – be careful, registration is required to participate.

France, Australia, Costa Rica…

In Science et Avenir, International Festival Director Elodie Chabrol (herself a biologist) says she is excited about the return of the event she helped create: “It was in 2013, in England, with three cities, London, Oxford and Cambridge.” The immediate success led to the replication of “Pint” in other countries of the world. With one limitation: that everything happens at the same time, in the same 3 days. As a result, in 2022, these meetings will be held in 200 cities in 25 countries for 3 consecutive days, on May 9, 10 and 11, 2022. Given the time difference, this is a real marathon that Elodie Chabrol is preparing for: “Starts on Monday around 9 or 10 am with Australia and New Zealand and ends on the night of Wednesday to Thursday around 5 am in Costa Rica.”

Subscribe to the hashtag #Pint22

Follow the #Pint22 hashtag on Twitter for an overview of these conferences. And if some places are already full – as is the case in Paris – there are still plenty of bars elsewhere in France to sign up for. With some curiosities worth visiting, “for example, the mountain refuge at Isère, which can be reached after a twenty-minute walk,” continues Élodie Chabrol. There is no better way to quench your thirst.

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