A player has been building Hogwarts in Minecraft for six years and still hasn’t finished

The player posted a two-minute video on Reddit showing a bird’s-eye view of the giant castle, as well as several of its main rooms. You can see the Quidditch field, the Great Hall and the endless staircases of Hogwarts.

According to Ducky_67, the creation inspired by the school famous in the sixth Harry Potter film is still in development. However, he intends to make it available to everyone when he completes his colossal project.

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The player explains that he was inspired by the map of Hogwarts available on the Internet, photographs of the layout of the building, owned by the Warner Bros. studio. as well as several episodes from the film to build their own version of the mythical school of witchcraft.

He says he passed hundreds of hours look for images showing the rooms of Hogwarts from different angles to make reproductions as accurate as possible.

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