A police raid revealed that a crypto farm and a marijuana farm are more similar …

05/29/2021 at 01:37 PM CEST

in cryptocurrency mining it is becoming more and more common in first world countries. Requires computers with very powerful video cards. which makes the card market very expensive, and have hundreds of computers plugged in at the same time. Obviously, this has given rise to environmental problems that raise great doubts about its sustainability. In fact, Elon Musk himself gave up on bitcoins after thinking it was not sustainable in what many considered a speculative maneuver.

Thus, cryptocurrency farms they give off a lot of heat… Something that also happens to hydroponic marijuana farms… The fact that prompted the British police mistook a cryptocurrency farm for a marijuana farm, causing a funny misunderstanding… Cryptocurrency mining is not prohibited, while marijuana farms are explicitly prohibited. However, police use thermal imaging cameras to locate marijuana plantations and then raid when they receive permission from the courts.

What if it was illegal and they commit a lot of crypto farms as well as marijuana is to connect to the light without using the service by establishing a connection with your line. This is a blatant law and it is another way to discover these types of farms

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