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In this summer period, the portable speaker is more than ever the ideal accessory to enjoy your music outdoors whether you are on vacation, around a picnic or in the evening with friends. It is therefore quite natural that we continue to publish our weekly shopping aid quizzes with the one for portable Bluetooth speakers, to be discovered just below.

The principle remains the same, we ask you a few questions to find out what are the most important criteria for you and then we offer you the model best suited to your needs and the most efficient according to our tests.

4 fundamental questions

Here, you will have to answer 4 questions, which will allow us to determine the best product for you among fifteen handpicked references.

In particular, we ask you the size you want, a choice that will obviously have an impact on the weight and portability of the product but also on its power. Then you tell us if you prefer a model with a jack port in addition to Bluetooth or if a 100% wireless model is right for you, knowing that speakers with jack ports are becoming increasingly rare. Then we adapt our proposal to the musical styles you prefer, and all this without ever exceeding the budget limit that you set.

Each week, a new personalized buying guide

For two months you will find each week a new quiz dedicated to a category of products or services. Next meeting, the 15th anniversary of that we will be celebrating from August and which will be accompanied by contests and little surprises.

Do not hesitate to take a look at our ranking of the best portable Bluetooth speakers of the moment.


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