A problem with Google Maps? It’s now easier to update it yourself

Google makes it easy to add details, like photos, reviews, or even missing roads, to its mapping app.

“Add missing roads by drawing lines, quickly rename roads, change the direction of roads, and realign or delete incorrect roads. You can even let us know when a road is closed with information like dates, reasons and alternative routes, ”Google says in a new blog post.

Users can press the menu button and “Edit Map”, then select “Missing Route” to add new information.

Google check before publication

This feature could be misused, but Google promises to check all route updates before uploading them to Google Maps. This feature will be available in over 80 countries where people are already providing route updates to Google Maps.

Google also wants Google Maps users to update data for 100,000 businesses with new photos, reviews and updates within the next month. The advertising giant says that users of its maps can click on the “Contribute” tab of the Google Maps app to participate in the “Local Love challenge” and add ratings, reviews and information about local businesses that ‘they visited the United States.

Google plans to roll out this campaign to other countries in the future.

Modification on the photos

Google is also relaxing its rules for sharing experiences on Google Maps. Previously, to share a photo of a place, you had to leave a review. Soon, Google Maps will allow users to share recent photos without having to leave reviews or ratings.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a new kind of content in Google Maps: Photo Updates – an easy way to find and share experiences and highlights with recent photos,” the company says. .

These Google Maps photo updates will show “a recent snapshot of a place with a short text description, without the need to leave a review or rating.”

By going to the “Updates” tab when exploring a location in Google Maps, users will be able to access the latest photos shared by merchants and others.

There is also a “Download Photo Update” button to add photos. Internet users should select a photo, then leave a brief description and post the photo. There is no restriction on the number of photos internet users can post.


Image: Google

Source: .com

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