[À RÉÉCOUTER] What is CryptoParty?

You may have heard of FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange that filed for bankruptcy in the US in November 2022. An opportunity to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies in (d) listening to our episode on CrytoPartys.

The web has become an extension of our daily lives, but it is also a space that is carefully controlled by GAFAM, the tech giants, for commercial purposes or by the authorities for political purposes. To learn how to improve everyone’s online privacy and security, there are alternative tools to keep surfing the web without letting Google and Facebook gobble up all of our traces. Since 2012, the international CryptoParty movement has been offering help to beginners in protecting their computer equipment.

But where did the CryptoParty movement come from? Specifically, how can we protect our data online? Does this movement exist in France? Find out more in this edition of Now You Know.

Bababam Originals podcast.

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[À RÉÉCOUTER] What is CryptoParty?

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