A Seine-Saint-Denis clinic vaccinates its dialysis patients

“I am not afraid of the bites”, launches, bravache, an octogenarian in full dialysis in a private clinic where half of the patients treated, like him, for chronic renal failure were vaccinated against the Covid-19 Tuesday and Wednesday.

The nurse goes from one bed to another and follows the injections. In this 60-bed service, one of the largest in France in its specialty, “we have very good acceptance” of the vaccine, says Dr Sébastien Homs, nephrologist at the Private Hospital of Est Parisien.

In two days, “we will be around 130 to 140 vaccinated patients”, adds the practitioner, who “did not expect to have so many”. And again, those who contracted the virus for less than three months could not receive the injection.

Of the approximately 260 patients who come to clean their blood three times a week, only 10% refused the serum. For the others, there were “some initial reservations, which were lifted with the discussion,” says the doctor.

This is the case of Marie-Josée Langlois, 67, who confesses to having “asked herself a few questions” about the side effects of this remedy which “has not been discovered for a very long time”.

“But hey, there are still more benefits than doubts”, she adds, wishing “that everyone can benefit from this vaccine, because it is still a microbe that kills a lot of people” .

– “Zero wasted dose” –

For the time being, the vaccination campaign remains targeted on retirement homes (Ehpad), caregivers, firefighters, home helpers over 50 years old and vulnerable disabled people, pending the opening to all people over 75 years from Monday.

An expansion the same day to certain chronically ill is “under discussion”, according to the Ministry of Health. This could in particular concern “patients with chronic renal failure”, said Wednesday Professor Alain Fischer, chairman of the advisory board of the vaccine strategy – who also mentioned chemotherapy, transplants and trisomies 21.

Meanwhile, other clinics in Seine-Saint-Denis are preparing to vaccinate their dialysis or rehabilitation patients, says Dr Homs.

That of Aulnay also beats the recall of caregivers. A few dozen have already been stung in the shoulder, and additional tours are organized at the end of the day for the volunteers.

“We call those who have registered according to availability, which has allowed us to have zero wasted doses to date,” says pharmacist Zahia Sari.

An efficiency that does not displease Claude Decaux, 81 years old “well started” and who “immediately said yes” when he was offered the vaccination last week.

“I’m not afraid of bites,” so “we’ll see the effects if I catch the virus,” he says.

But “considering the damage it is doing, I have the impression that there are not thirty-six solutions to eradicate it”, especially with “the way people behave there. ‘exterior: most do not care about barrier gestures.

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