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What are the consumption trends of French adolescents? A study by the Pixpay teen bank takes stock.

During childhood, we each have our own eating habits, whether by going to buy something to eat at noon, in the evening or to taste it. In order to know the consumption trends of adolescents, Pixpay, a banking service for young people, conducted a study on 50,000 French teenagers aged 10 to 18.

Pixpay reveals the eating habits of French teenagers

In a Pixpay study relayed by The Parisian, the bank for teens has drawn a composite portrait of the adolescent consumer. The platform noticed that the brands in the top 5 for girls were McDonald’s, Aliexpress, Shein, Amazon and Monoprix, while the boys favored PlayStation, Apple, Google, McDonald’s, Amazon. We learn that 20% of transactions by adolescents are concentrated in twelve businesses. Psychologist Laurence Peltier explains that “ There is hypersensitivity to brands especially for 10-15 year olds. During this period, adolescents have a strong need for recognition and belonging to a group, which explains the appeal of brands. After 15 years, they will more want to differentiate themselves, with a burst of the brands to which they are heading. “

In terms of the number of purchases, the McDonald’s fast food brand is number one in the ranking with transactions that can be around 10 euros. The Amazon e-commerce platform records for its part an average transaction of 18 euros while that of Shein arrives at 26 euros. The largest share of expenses, nearly a third, however, goes to supermarkets, highly privileged places for lunch or after school.

13% of adolescent spending is then dedicated to fast food. ” The predominance of fast food is explained by the fact that it is a financially accessible place and a place of sociability that allows the meeting between the sexes, one of the challenges of adolescence. », Emphasizes Laurence Peltier. In terms of the budget, the study underlines that adolescents carry out an average of six transactions for an amount spent per month of 56 euros.

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