A third of Mauritians and Centricians received the first dose of the vaccine.

Nearly 15,000 people were vaccinated by regional health authorities from Friday to Sunday. Of these people, 3,210 received the AstraZeneca vaccine at vaccination sites in the region.

There are currently only 190 doses of the vaccine left in the region, according to the CIUSSS-MCQ. The AstraZeneca vaccine is available to residents of the region aged 45 and over.

From 28 April, people with disabilities will be invited to an appointment through the Clic Santé website.On top of that, you need to know more about it. (New window)On top of that, you need to know more about it.

Who is eligible for participation:

  • Motor or mental retardation
  • Inability to speak or speak
  • Impaired vision, hearing, or other sensory organs
  • Disability Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder

In addition, one family guardian per person with a disability who is eligible for vaccination may also be vaccinated.

2nd dose of vaccination

In an email sent to Radio-Canada, CIUSSS-MCQ also confirms that it began administering the second dose of vaccine to CHSLD residents and staff in the week of April 12th. To date, 1,781 people in this category have received the second dose.

Regional Public Health plans to vaccinate CHSLD residents intensively from May 1-8, according to the arrival of the Moderna vaccine, which is scheduled for next week.

Daily overview of the region

Regional public health reported 29 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday, including 9 in Maurice and 20 in the Center du Quebec.

Currently, the number of active cases is 290. Fifteen patients are being treated in hospitals, which is three less than yesterday. Three people require intensive care.

With information from Pascal Langlois

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