A very pixtural reconversion

It is a market that barely existed in 2020 – it represented only a few million dollars globally – and that has literally exploded since then with 2.5 billion dollars in the first half of 2021 alone; at least € 10 billion predictable during the year 2021… The NFT market, this new type of cryptocurrency that takes the form of a numbered digital postcard (image, video or audio file).

Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps, 36, a consultant to Roland Berger from 2011 to 2015, who previously headed the Sodexo Ventures fund (the group’s corporate venture capital investment fund), strongly believes in the potential of the new NFT sector. It launched LaCollection, a digital NFT platform dedicated to artistic works, a first in France. “We issue authenticated digital limited editions of works of art certified by artistic and cultural institutions, ‘digital twins’. It is a way for this art sector, very affected by the pandemic, with a 77% drop in traffic in 2020 worldwide, to find other audiences and create communities, younger and more international. And this allows this new generation of collectors to discover a museum, an artist and possess this certified digital double ”, explains the new Consultant entrepreneur, who has already signed an alliance with the British Museum. The other great interest of artistic institutions is to be financially interested in the sale of NFT’s artistic works.

Graduated from EM Lyon in 2009, Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps began his career as an M&A analyst at BNP Paribas or M&A and Partnerships at Solocal before joining strategic consultancy Roland Berger. Four years during which the consulting firm will develop functional skills in strategy, M&A, sales and marketing in the private equity, Internet, media and telecommunications, retail and banking sectors, around the topic of digital transformation.

He then moved to AXA, responsible for digital transformation and alliances (2015-2017) before joining Sodexo, initially a director of Sodexo Ventures & Digital Partnerships where he was responsible for defining the investment strategy of Sodexo Ventures after its creation in November of 2016. In 2019, Jean-Sébastien Beaucamps was promoted to Vice President of this strategic investment fund, before being promoted to the rank of Senior Vice President of Open Innovation & Sodexo Ventures. This digital expert had met another former consultant (in the Paris office of Bain & Company between 2000 and 2008) Belen Moscoso del Prado, the group’s head of digital and innovation (read here). “I really wanted to work with her again, that’s one of the reasons that motivated me to join Sodexo. We met at Solocal, then I met her at AXA. She is more than my boss, a mentor! “


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