A video game developed by AI, and why not?

ChatGPT is currently in the news. Lots of ink. A true internet revolution, the tool created by OpenAI is turning the canvas around.

This is nothing new: artificial intelligence works wonders. Answer a question, make recommendations on a subject, create a work of art, discover cancer, or even defend a person in court… AI is at its peak at the beginning of the year. You cannot stop progress. Whether it intrigues, surprises or frightens you, you must have your own opinion about artificial intelligence. Today, a developer has made a demo of a video game from images generated by artificial intelligence. Yes Yes…

The future of video games with AI?

What if the future of video games lies in artificial intelligence? While some artists are vague about AI skills, one of which was completely banned for working too much like AI, but people working in the video game industry can be shocking. This is a great event in the history of the world of video games: the demo version of the game was developed thanks to the work of artificial intelligence.

Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen is a Finnish developer who has worked on Quantum Break and Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command. In the demo video of this point’n’click, believe me, it was the artificial intelligence that presented the 3D model of the character, the environment and, in general, all the artistic elements present. The result is simply amazing. The developer went through MidJourney and Stable Diffusion to achieve such an impressive rendering.

But artificial intelligence, of course, cannot do everything. Fortunately ! Jussi-Petteri Kemppainen had to roll up his sleeves no matter what, especially in terms of game design and modeling thanks to Unity and Blender. This proves that at the moment AI skills are limited when it comes to developing video games. But in the near future, why not? Indeed, artificial intelligence masters not only art, but also development. And much more !

Indeed, if AI works wonders, it struggles to provide flawless images. For example, artificial intelligence has some difficulties when it comes to creating adequate human hands. But if you only need to do a few strokes, it can still be relevant for artists. Especially in this environment that requires speed. Thus, at present, artificial intelligence can allow video game developers to save a lot of time thanks to their skills. Thus, some time-consuming but necessary steps can be entrusted to AI, allowing industry professionals to work faster.

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