A virtual robot became the CEO of a Chinese company

IT HASWith workers facing the threat of factory automation, will there be another type of work soon? According to our colleagues from Europe-1, for the first time a Chinese company will be headed by a CEO, who will be … a robot equipped with artificial intelligence. Why ? Mainly to save money, but not only.

Recently, video game company Net Dragon Websoft replaced its physical boss with a female robot: Madam Tang Yu. [Le robot] will help us in the areas of management and administration, as well as operational issues, because we are already using artificial intelligence in many internships to develop our operations,” explains Simone Lung, vice president of Dragon.

The boss who works for free

According to the company, founded in 1999, the goal is to make absolutely rational decisions – devoid of affect? – and transparent. At the same time, of course, Tang Yu must optimize the company’s performance.

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Another advantage, and this is far from a trifle, an intelligent robot will be able to work 24 hours a day and not pay a penny. While the metaverse propelled by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will grow. At the moment, if this new technology is mainly about video games, tomorrow it may very well touch the business world.

As a reminder, the Metaverse is a “virtual world” in which users can meet in the virtual reality world and discuss them via video conference. However, the exact definition of this technology is still unclear as manufacturers go all over the place and use the term as a kind of “universal”.

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