A year after its release on PlayStation, Discord voice chat is finally coming to Xbox

The famous voice chat app will come to the last two generations of Xbox. It allows gamers on mobile, PC and consoles to chat together.

The popular Discord voice chat for gamers is no longer exclusive to PlayStation. Messaging has just been integrated into the Xbox ecosystem, Microsoft’s console, and more specifically the Xbox Series X and S, the latest generation consoles and Xbox One, the company said in a blog post shared with specialist media Gamekult.

Discord is a voicemail for chatting together as a couple, as well as for participating in group calls. The advantage of this messenger is that calls are not limited to Xbox players: mobile and PC (Windows) players can also join.

It is especially used in the case of multiplayer online video games where teammates must interact verbally and immediately. In addition, messaging is independent of the game: it allows you to chat even when you are not playing.

To access it, eligible players must link their current Discord account to their Xbox account using a QR code. Details of this operation Microsoft reports in its press release. This update is currently limited to players registered with the Xbox Insiders Program, but will roll out to all players in the coming weeks.

Sony, through PlayStation, signed a partnership with Discord in May 2021 following rumors that voicemail was attributed to rival Microsoft. At the same time, the company has invested in a voice chat platform while remaining a minority shareholder.

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