A year and a half after the release, is the Playstation 5 still not available in Toulouse?

Getting a PlayStation 5 is always as difficult as anywhere in Toulouse… (© Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

The end of 2020 marked the release of the PlayStation 5. Sony’s latest console has faced huge demand, so much so that it has become a real mission to get hold of the Japanese firm’s gem. And what about Toulouse a year and a half later?

“We have received 5 since January 1…”

It’s been 18 months since the release of the new home console, and in a year and a half, one thing hasn’t changed: demand. She is still very strong. The answers of Carrefour or Leclerc stores in the Pink City are very clear…

The former informs Actu Toulouse that he “has no console available. Besides, we never had them in stock… We only take orders from customers. You should try to find some of them when they’re online.” A mission that remains unsuccessful for many players despite numerous attempts.

Ditto for the second sign, which also gives a pretty clear figure: “We’ve received five consoles since January 1st. It is very difficult to get it. We had periods when pre-orders were open. Now it is closed.”

Video game specialists are in decline too

Reference screens and controllers in France, Micromania, which has several establishments in Toulouse, is no more successful. “We don’t have them in stock and we have stopped pre-orders since last year,” testifies one of the stores in the Pink City. “We get very little, we’re talking about two to four a month…”

“Either you need to create an alert on the Micromania site or you have to go to the store fairly regularly. There is no way to get notified if you get a PS5 because it requires a €100 deposit to book. But lately there are people who waited four or five months to get the console, so we quickly stopped that system.”


And on the Internet?

On the Micromania website, you can still get consoles … but seriously put your hand in your pocket. Indeed, packages with modern TVs are on sale, and prices, logically, are rising, in particular, to more than 2,000 euros. Recall that the console is sold for 500 euros in the standard version and 400 euros in the digital version.

The console is still not available on Micromania... unless you buy it as a bundle.

The console is still not available on Micromania… unless you buy it as a bundle. (© Screenshot / Micromania)

On LeBonCoin, a few days after the release of the console, some holders also attempted to make very substantial capital gains, not embarrassed to sell the console at exorbitant prices.. And now? The ads vary but don’t rise as high anymore. In the Pink City, the PlayStation 5, sometimes sold with a few accessories, ranges from 600 to 750 euros. But beware of scammers!

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On Leboncoin, in Toulouse, consoles are sold.

On Leboncoin, in Toulouse, consoles are sold. (© Screenshot / Leboncoin)

Dealabs solution

Many players managed to get their hands on the console thanks to Dealabs. Presented on Twitter, as well as through the app of the same name, it alerts you when brands, be it Carrefour, Amazon or even Super U, offer the console on their website. Unsurprisingly, it is quickly taken by storm, and sometimes you have to try several times to finally get the PlayStation 5.

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