A year of asserting my rights in all situations

It has often been mentioned in Protégez-Vous articles: when the product you have purchased breaks prematurely, you have the right to be reimbursed or to obtain a replacement product. I have just returned from a one-year maternity leave during which I decided to assert my rights as a consumer in absolutely all situations.

First example: My Hamilton Beach mini coffee maker started to leak just six months after purchase. An email to the manufacturer and presto !, I was mailed a new device.

The same goes for my baby’s Cloud B musical plush which failed prematurely. An email to the manufacturer, and I immediately received a new music device. As for the Tiny Love battery cell phone which also stopped working too soon, I demanded a refund and the e-commerce company simply asked me to mail it back to them at their expense.

When the plastic covering my baby’s crib mattress started to crack within a year of purchase, a few email exchanges with the local retailer were all it took to get a new mattress mailed to me in within three weeks.

Stuck car seat and stolen package

And when my Liing brand infant car seat got stuck on its base in my car, a simple web search with the model number found that the problem was known to the manufacturer and the manufacturer was aware of the problem. pledged to send a new base to those experiencing this problem. Even though I no longer had the invoice, the information on the seat was sufficient. The same thing happened when the seat sun visor turned out to be defective three months later: I was immediately sent a replacement part.

The Walmart order that was stolen from my balcony? A simple email and I was quickly refunded the package that had been stolen from me (see here what to do if this happens to you).

And it is not because a product is not expensive that we should give up! As proof, after buying a box of Atkins protein bars for $ 10, I noticed that two packages were opened because they had been poorly sealed at the factory. Quick email to the manufacturer, and I immediately received coupons for free products.

Quick compensation

The Protégez-Vous site is full of stories of consumers who have had to put a lot of energy into asserting their rights. However, my experience of the last year shows that, in some cases, satisfaction can be obtained with a minimum of effort.

Aren’t you the type to keep all of your receipts? However, do not despair. In the case of my coffee maker, I wasn’t even asked for proof of purchase.

Replace rather than repair

Coffee maker, car seat base, mattress and music device: all of these products could perhaps have been repaired rather than replaced. However, no one offered to do it. Come on!, We throw and we replace. And if I’m trusting emails from our readers, more and more traders are choosing this quick and easy option.

If, like me, you were immediately offered to replace a possibly repairable product (or that you were promised a discount on a new device rather than repairing it), your story interests me. Write to me at: [email protected]

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