A young man from Bovshen manipulates a family of little girls through the internet.

The investigation has ramifications in France, where during his imprisonment the defendant started a virtual relationship with a twelve-year-old girl. He pretended to be a teenager between 12 and 16 years old in an online game used by children. Once contact was made with potential victims, he asked them to go to Snapchat, led the conversations, and ended up asking for candid photos.

Those who blocked or denied him were threatened, and Bovechinua also claimed that he was going to notify their parents. To apply pressure, he also indicated that he was ready to distribute the photos already received. Thus, seven girls allowed themselves to be manipulated.

Including the one who really fell in love with the defendant, and eventually succumbed to all his whims. The little girl, even from the south of France, was completely under his control. For example, at his request, she sent him photographs in which we see how she inserts several felt-tip pens into her floor and anus. Investigators managed to identify him, and the rest of the victims remained unknown.

On the dark web

Astonishingly, once in possession of these intimate photos, the defendant shared them on the forums he signed up for on the dark web. The police were able to find his messages in which he was not content with posting pictures of his victims. He accompanied the publications with vulgar and extremely disparaging comments about the girls, and also gave advice to those who wished to do the same. Pointing out, for example, that in such a game “fishing is good” …

Abusing the gullibility of the victims due to their young age, the guy also promised the player to provide him with paid VIP access to his favorite game. But for this, she had to give him her codes, which she did. Result: Bovechinua had his account hacked and this time used it to contact young boys and get them to send pictures when they thought they had a young girl who wasn’t very shy…

“The facts are vile, absolutely odious,” the prosecutor demanded in court. “The master was clearly feeding pedophile networks with images he produced, and also giving things away to other users!”

The young man did not refuse. His lawyer explained that he initially registered on these forums out of unhealthy curiosity. Then, given his significant personal problems in real life, he acted in such a way as to become “popular” in these forums, like YouTubers in constant search of likes …

The prosecutor demanded two years in prison with a suspended sentence, obliging the defendant to undergo a course of treatment. Also pointing out that the defendant literally threw his victims to pedophiles.

The defense counsel, who explained that he had already consulted a psychologist for three years and was fully aware of the seriousness of his behavior, asked for a sentence that did not appear in the criminal case. That’s because his (very) young client is graduating brilliantly to enter a profession where the slightest mention of legal worries would permanently close all employment opportunities…

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