AAEON BOXER8256AI Fanless Mini PC

AAEON unveiled its latest Fanless Mini PC System BOXER8256AI with four HDMI 1.4 video inputs, two HDMI Display 2.0, 3 x USB Type A to USB 3.2 Gen 1, DB9 to RS232/422/485 (switch) and CANbus x1 . Together with RJ45 for GbE LAN and connections for M.2 MKey (PCIEx4), M.2 BKey (PCIEx2 and USB 3.0) and M.2 Ekey (PCIEx1 and USB 2.0).

fanless mini pc

Powered by an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX with NVIDIA Carmel Arm v8.2 6core 64bit processor and 8GB LPDDR4x, the mini PC measures just 180mm x 136mm x 67mm and weighs 1.92kg.

“BOXER8256AI is AAEON’s NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Embedded BOX PC designed for smart medical equipment, digital signage and entertainment. The slim, practical design with four HDMI input ports makes it easy to filter live streams. The high performance of Jetson Xavier NX allows you to run multiple AI algorithms and quickly and accurately analyze realtime streaming video. The BOXER8256AI also boasts a wide array of I/Os with interfaces such as CANbus, USB, and audio, as well as WiFi/4G/5G wireless connectivity and advanced storage such as eMMC and a 2.5″ hard drive. disk. “

Unfortunately, there is no information on pricing or availability worldwide yet, but as soon as information is available, we will, as always, keep you updated. In the meantime, visit the official AAEON website for full specifications and additional inquiries by clicking the link below.

Source: AAEON

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