ABB partners with Red Hat to strengthen its industrial automation solutions

Swedish electrical and industrial robotics group ABB announces a partnership with Red Hat on July 22. It revolves around generic factory automation solutions that will be based on the Red Hat OpenShift virtualization and containerization platform.

ABB’s strategy is based on the collection and analysis of industrial data, and the group is apparently looking to bring its customers to more connected and therefore smarter machines, in particular through the implementation of ABB’s Ability Edgenius, its edge computing. Using Red Hat allows you to focus on your solutions and services without having to worry about the underlying architecture.

Red Hat OpenShift “provides ABB with a single, consistent application platform for both small single-node systems and hyperconverged clusters deployed at the edge of the industrial network,” the partnership said in a statement. Choosing to be fully open source also has the advantage of convincing customers in terms of data portability.

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