About 150,000 people demonstrated against pension reform in Paris

At the initiative of youth associations on Saturday in the French capital held a protest against the pension reform. Organizers reported 150,000 attendees, while an independent counting firm estimated attendance at 14,000.

On the wave of the “march against the high cost of living”

Two days after a decisive mobilization against pension reform in several French cities, a new social movement took place in Paris on Saturday at the call of youth organizations. This was supported by recalcitrant France.

According to the organizers, 150,000 people marched in the capital. They achieved their goal of achieving a mobilization at least equal to that of the “march against the high cost of living” organized by the melanchounists in October. The instigators registered 140,000 people, while the police marked 30,000 people.

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“We are at the beginning of the movement, we must send a strong signal”

For its part, the independent cabinet “Occurrence” confirmed that a social movement organized on Saturday in Paris gathered 14,000 demonstrators. “We are at the start of a movement, we need to send a strong signal and encourage other people to come,” said Charlotte Lamorlette (30) and Chloe Kiskipour (29), quoted by Europa 1.

Strikes continue in France as a bill to postpone the statutory retirement age from 62 to 64 is due before the Council of Ministers on Monday 23 January.

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