According to Jeff Grubb, Scarlet Nexus could integrate the Game Pass as soon as it is released

A few weeks before its release, Scarlet nexus talk about him again. A viewer took advantage of Jeff Grubb’s presence on an Xbox Era podcast to ask if Scarlet nexus will integrate with Xbox Game Pass.

The insider responds in the affirmative, saying that he heard that Scarlet nexus would integrate the service upon its release. According to him, the agreements between Xbox and the publishers of games of this caliber are finalized shortly before the release of the titles as proved. Outriders. Jeff Grubb concludes his intervention on this subject by reaffirming that Xbox could have secured the arrival of the game in Xbox Game Pass, but without definitive certainty.

Last week, the game showcased its world in a new video which you can find above. We were able to discover the name of the city where the story begins: Suoh which is the largest city in New Himuka’s. This video also explains the connection that connects the different characters in the game and allows the two heroes to use the powers of their respective teammates. The trailer allows you to know the context of the story of Scarlet nexus before it arrives on June 25, 2021 for Xbox.

Scarlet nexus is available on the Microsoft Store for € 69.99 in standard edition, € 84.99 in deluxe edition.

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