According to Pascolo, “it is very easy to produce a new vaccine” should a new variant emerge.

Modification of existing vaccines is “very fast” according to potential new options– assured Steve Pascolo, immunologist and researcher at the University of Zurich and co-founder of Cure Vac.

“In a few weeks or less, we will be able to create a new RNA vaccine that will protect against new variants that will not be vaccinated. MesRNA vaccines developed in 2020 protect against all variants, they prevent severe Covid, hospitalizations and infections, ”recalls an immunologist invited to RTL on Wednesday 4 August.

“These vaccines continue to work against all options if new, somewhat severe options emerge. it will be very easy to produce a new vaccine in a few days. A slightly different messenger RNA molecule than current vaccines provides increased protection against variants, ”says Steve Pascolo.

“This virus does not change that much compared to viruses that mutate strongly, such as HIV or the flu (…), and at the moment, mutants are recognized by the immune response induced by RNA vaccines. therefore we can continue to use these vaccines, ”the specialist continues.

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